36th International Dental Show (IDS)

The 36th International Dental Show (IDS), the largest dentistry fair worldwide, which took place between March 10 and 14, was essential to strengthen Nova DFL in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, in addition to consolidating the brand in Latin America and the Caribbean.



With a consistent positioning in the International Market, Nova DFL stood out as a constantly growing company, which makes it compete on equal terms with the European and Asian giants.
With the opening of the office in France, plus the section in London, Nova DFL imprinted and made more clearly the multinational posture and purpose during the last IDS.
The IDS which, since its creation and format, has been an international event of great importance and counts on the strong presence of visitors from the major markets in the world
This year Nova DFL held the gala launch of the Natural Shade, its latest micro-hybrid resin, which should be an international success, along with its well established line of anesthetics and others of its main product lines. The stand was an obligatory passage for thousands of dentists attending the event.

Nova DFL Team – Ms. Luiza Ritondo (Export Manager), Dr. Mauro Krajcer (Research, Development and Innovation Director), Mr. Fábio Fontes (Commercially Responsible for Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe), Mr. Marcelo Goldflust (Export Manager for Latin America) and Mr. Lauro Neto (President)


“Our presence and positioning in these markets are increasingly ratified and during the IDS we strengthened our relationship with developing markets. The office was opened in Lyon to strategically assist us with these markets.” – Fábio Fontes, responsible for Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe


Latin America was present in the IDS and the business partners of Nova DFL were also present. Marcelo Goldflust, responsible for the area, reports: “Nova DFL is the main business partner of most of its distributors. We are constantly evolving in the pharmaceutical area and in recent years with our line of Glass Ionomer Cement, Bleaches and Print Materials. In addition to international distributors, we were visited by opinion leaders and university professors.”


Srª Telma y Josef Cordero – Prisma – Costa Rica


Fernando Boyd y Waldo Avila – Bio Materiales Panamá


Ricardo y Gonzalo Araniba – Abott – Bolivia

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